Public Utility Services:

The KMC under its Public Utility Services provides services like Water Tanker, Cesspool & JNNURM Bus Services under Public transport. KMC also assist Administration/Police/NGOs/Civil Bodies/Clubs etc in socials activities/cleanliness drives/minor road/drainage repairing etc. With limited resources & revenue, KMC is failing on its part to provide basic Utility Services to its citizen.

Decentralized Sanitation Service:

The Decentralized Sanitation Service was launched on 2nd August 2011 by Neiphiu Rio, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland from State Academy Hall, Kohima for 10 wards and the remaining 9 wards on 27th November 2013 by Zhaleo Rio, honble Parliamentary Secretary of Urban Development. This concept of decentralized policy was firstly initiative by Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) after an exposure trip to Gangtok in March 2011, mainly to study about the decentralised policy undertaken by an NGO in Gangtok and the success story in implementing, under SIPMIU capacity building(ADB externally added fund).

After the visit, the KMC took up the matter at war footing basis on sensitizing the concept and its success with the Panchayat, Youth & Women organizations at ward level and apprises them about the importance of their role in managing their own waste at household/primary collection & ward levels through their active involvement & participant. At first the wards & colonies were unenthusiastic to take over the decentralized policy, but after several rounds of meetings and deliberations, it was agreed to implement the policy in 10(Ten) wards on trail basis and accordingly under the supervision of KMC, Ward Sanitation Committees was form in all the respective 10 wards. But since the KMC is unable to buy the vehicles with its limited resources, the matter was taken up with the Hon’ble Chief Minister and apprises him about the success & good practice of “Decentralized Sanitation Service” and its consequences, the Chief Minister agreed to provide 10 (ten) Bolero Pick up vehicles and accordingly the KMC have selected 10 wards in the first phase with terms & conditions that, the constituted Ward Sanitation Committee will operate & regulate the service along with a nominal user charge fixed by KMC in the form of sanitation fee @ Rs.30/- per household per month to all the residence of their respective wards/colonies and with the amount collected, the committee will manage all expenditures related to operation/maintenance of the decentralized vehicle & manpower involved. Since it was on trial basis, KMC have not realised/charged any percentage/amount collected from these decentralized wards for the first one year.

The sanitation fee was enhanced in April 2014 to Rs.50. Decentralized wards have also being declared as community dust-bin free zones, where all existing community bins have been removed/dismantled. The first ward to declared dust-bin free zone on experimental basis was Naga Bazaar ward in 2005 and found to be practical & successful, one main factor was the waste has reduce in volume after community bins were removed.

In the same manner, by decentralizing all 19 wards in Kohima city, the policy of Re-cycle, Re-duce & Re-used (3Rs) is seen in reality. Kohima is also one of the first Municipalities in our country to decentralize about 60% of its waste collection through people’s participation.

SWM Awareness Month:

KMC has declared the month of May every year as “Solid Waste Management Awareness Month, since 2010 and accordingly we has organised Mass Social works, Awareness Seminars in colonies wise and the general public’s etc, Basing on this, in 2013 KMC have distributed pamphlets on “Menace & Dangers of Plastic bags”, distributed to general Publics Churches, Colleges, Schools and to the Traders etc. Since Plastics have become a part of our daily life, moreover banning of plastic bags was not successful, KMC is trying an alternative policy to at least Reduce-Reused & Recycle i.e. Through a circular /press release, we have notified that wef 1st June 2013, Plastic carry bags with less than 40 microns will be totally banned for all domestic uses in Kohima City. Accordingly KMC staff has already started checking & seizing of all unauthorised plastics bags less than 40 microns. KMC appeals to all citizens to used cloth or other bio-degradable bags and henceforth all plastics bags of 40 microns & above will be charged from the bill/on payment for shopping etc. Under Urban Development (UD) capacity building, representative from KMC along with Parliamentary Secretary UDD & Officials MAC & UDD visited Municipalities in Thailand in May 2014.

Organic Culture:

Introduce on 1st May 2013 at KMC Dumping Site at Dzucha Pekro, Phek road with a Firm-Jalavahini Management Services (JMS) Biotech Mysore. This is to reduce the menace of flies & odour/smell and for fast disintegration of the degradable waste, it also killed all sort of insects/maggot and stop breading , once this organic culture is applied.

Scientific Land Fill at Lirie:

Under the externally added fund from Asian Development Bank (ADB) a mega project is under way at Lirie for Waste Management. This is under the supervision of State Investment Program Management & Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) with a project cost of about 40 crore. Here the waste will be scientifically monitored by Segregating Waste, Sewerage Treatment, Air Monitoring and other health hazard etc will be done. The Land fill life is been earmarked for 25 years as per the DPR, but if we can all Reduce-Reuse- Recycle & segregate our waste from household levels the landfill life can be prolonged, but if fail on the part of its citizens in following the basic component of waste management, the huge investment made will go vain. The Project is expected to be commission by the end part of 2015.Under this Project, machineries like compactors, trucks etc for transportation of waste will be purchase along with safety sanitary gears etc.