1. The KMC is also trying to bring out one Incinerator Unit for the treatment of common Bio-Medical Waste of Kohima and One Crematorium for the Hindu Community in particular through NPCB and to be funded by CPCB. For which KMC & NPCB officials have initiated and visited CPCB officials at New Delhi for preparation of DPRs.
  2. The KMC along with SIPMIU (IDC) has been working for intensive sensitization for Waste segregation, Primary collection & Waste management at household level since June 2014. First round of sensitization is almost over. Under KMC ,SWM awareness month (i.e.May) KMC is organizing a �Mass Flexi-Banner Campaign� in public places with the help of SIPMIU, where some permanent awareness boards on SWM, Water Conservation, Power & General environment issues will be displayed.
  3. KMC is targeting & trying its best to gear up to tackle the basic waste menace of the Kohima City by 2020.
  4. KMC & SIPMIU is also doing an exercise for House mapping and other data collections for water, electricity, number of household, educational institute & health facilities in respective wards under KMC jurisdiction for future Urban Planning and also for providing better Urban Utility Services by both State Govt. & ULBs.
  5. KMC & SIPMIU have taken up a pilot project in ward 13 & 14 for SWM awareness & segregation of waste since July 2015 and distributed about two sets of 4,400 household bins & 2,200 for commercial (Blue & Green).
  6. Under SIPMIU Project, KMC is setting up a Recycled Unit/Plant at Lirie adjacent to the land fill to encourage & provide modern facilities, especially to Rag pickers & other individuals/parties engaged in the business.
  7. KMC is also getting a Septage Management Treatment Plant under SIPMIU Project to tackle the menace of septic tank scientifically at Dzuruzou, about 14 Kms from Kohima.

KMC have introduced a Garbage collection at New Secretariat Area wef July 2015 under its �Clean Kohima� campaign mainly for the Government departments.