Sl. No.Name of PropertyArea in Acres/Sq.ft
1Seithogei near Bypass10.28 Acres
2Lerie Solid Waste Management site37 Acres
3Dzucha Pekhro dumping site, Phek Road7 Acres
4Old dumping site at Tsiesema6.6 Acres
5Dzürüzou Medi93.94 Acres
6Minister Hill Market (Building & Land)9472 Sq.ft
7Keziekie Market (Land)7104 Sq,ft
8Super Market (Building and Land) under construction19260 Sq.ft
9Public graveyard at AG Colony75,000 Sq.ft
10Viya Khukhie, Phek Road12.10 Acres
11ISMD Market, New Secretariat (Building and Land)NA
12Conventional Centre, New Secretariat (Building and Land)24722 Sq,ft
13New Market (Building and Land)4629 Sq.ft
14Keyakie Market (building and Land), Near BSF Camp10,764 Sq.ft
15Sweeper Quarter at Nagabazar (Building and Land)7426 Sq.ft
16Old dumping site at Jotsoma below NH 29 (eroded)NA
17Pay and toilet opposite Putounuo Nursing Home (Building and Land)135 Sq.ft
18Pay and use toilet near High School Junction (Building and Land)NA
19Pay and use toilet at PHQ junction (building and Land)NA